My Ears Hurt Often

Today was okay.  I took Emma to school in her snowsuit again, it was a peaceful transaction (as far as clothing is concerned).  I picked her up fully dressed…  Those daycare workers are not being paid enough money, really.

The ride home was somewhat deafening, as usual.  I wonder what the statistics are of early-onset of deafness in parents of special-needs children.  (Probably abnormally high)  There is little communication about what she needs, or dropped, or wants, or sees, or feels.  It’s just an ear splitting howling scream that can easily turn into animalistic wailing at 190 db if not addressed properly.         I try to be a good driver, but I also try to preserve the health of my auditory system.  I’m driving down the highway a bit frantic, one hand on the steering wheel as I quickly cycle through the usual suspects, “Do you need your Juice? (hand juice back)  Do you want your dolly?  (rummage for doll, throw on her lap) Did your baby drop? (blindly flail around for baby)  Do you want a book? (where are those dang books? flail around under pile of toys for books) Are you hungry? (try to open fruit roll-up with teeth while driving)  Do you want your socks off? (peel off socks and shoes)  Do you want your blanket? (throw blanket over backwards on her head)  Did you drop a fruit snack? (sigh and hold finger over right hand ear hole to help with noise)  (repeat as needed).

Emma was happy to be home early today.  She also decided that there was no napping today.  That’s too bad, because I was very tired.  She was up several times last night, one session lasting nearly an hour.  Anyway, we did some art, and she helped do some laundry.  She watched Dora.  I daydreamed of napping.  On a good note, she’s been a little more talkative the last few evenings.  Last night she said to Rylei as he walked through the room, “Where you going Rylei?” in her little voice.  THAT was big news, she’s never said or interacted like that before.  She’s also starting to get very excited when Daddy comes home, which is so cute.  I think it makes Bob’s day to come through the door and hear “Daddy home!!! Daddy home!!!”.  She is still abnormally attached to me in the house, but, I think this is a small step towards some future independance.

I made sure I brought the snowsuit home.  I’m wondering if she’ll be sitting at Thanksgiving dinner next week in it, big, fluffy, and purple. >grin<


7 thoughts on “My Ears Hurt Often”

  1. Oh I loves this post! I can definitely relate!

    Car trips are the WORST when you have a child on the spectrum who is very vocal….sometimes I’m glad to be deaf in one ear!

    Emma is just so darn cute! I’m looking forward to reading more
    Fi 🙂

    1. Thank you, and yeah – it’s the worst sometimes 🙂 I think she’s pretty cute too, but I’m very biased 😉 I’m going to try to post every few days. Thanks for reading, it makes it worthwhile, and it’s nice to feel connected.

  2. Headphones? Earmuffs? Pay your sister to drive with you to Alamosa so that she can sit in the backseat and rescue fallen fruit snacks?
    And that is so cute to hear her interact with Rylei! I bet big brother is excited.

    1. I wish!!!! ❤ Yeah, Its cute… I think Rylei would be more excited if he wasn't so frustrated with her right now. 🙂 It's hard to be 14 and see your sister be catered to like she does.

  3. Auntie M just told a similar story about driving K home from school. She can probably tell you a lot about sibling issues, too.

    So glad to read you can still find humor amid the madness.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, humor? Sometimes 😉 I’ve been networking around and finding other blogs related to mine. I just figure that the more I read and comment on others’ – the more will do the same on mine. 🙂 love you!

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