Momentary Delay


I’m not feeling eloquent, folks.

This week:

-I destroyed next semester’s school schedule

-Found out no school has room for my daughter, so I don’t know if she’ll be getting any therapy after February [without a lawsuit, at least]

-Had social services calling me to see if a young man from my son’s school could come live with us for the rest of the school semester

-Found out Emma has severe eczema, and we’re now suddenly sans-frangrance

-Burned my chest and right arm [minor – thank goodness] with hot caramel while inverting caramel rolls

-Dealt with a DD two year old on steroid cream, having an allergic reaction to steroid cream, all day

-Just got done listening to a close relative tell me that Emma is doing just great, and that young people just expect too much from children these days [lots of inference here as well]

-And more.

I just can’t seem to sit down and really write anything worthwhile to read about all of this, I don’t know why.  I’ve tried probably four times. >>sigh<<

I’m sure I’ll be back,



3 thoughts on “Momentary Delay

  1. Had to smile at your insistence that you could not write well for this post. Your writing is what writing is all about — opening the eyes and hearts of others to a new thought or experience. We feel you through the words and the spaces between them. The brevity, laden with heavy hearted insight, speaks volumes on how overwhelmed you feel.

    Wish I had a magic wand for you to borrow.


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