Moving right along…

I gave Emma the melatonin last night, and it still didn’t seem to do anything.  She woke up once where I had to help her get back to sleep, and another two times where I just let her fuss a while to see if she’d just go back to sleep on her own.  She did [go back to sleep].

I had to get up early today; 5am just popped right out of a dream, like moon in the middle of the night.  That might not make sense, but, it’s what it felt like.  I walked into the bathroom hoping to douse my brain cells into some form of alertness.  That’s when I heard the ‘peep’ from Emma.  “Mommy!” <all grins and standing up> I couldn’t believe it!  What in the WORLD was she doing awake?

I waited a minute to see if more green pea-soup would spew out of her mouth or if her head would start spinning around.  No, no no, it appeared that she was feeling rather happy.  I’ve found that when she’s in a good mood, I’m emotionally holding my breath, and this morning was no different.  Regardless. I scooped her up and gave her all the hugs and kisses I possibly could, making up for lost loving-time during the fits over the last few days. It might have been my imagination, but I felt like she was soaking it up like she had missed wanting to be loving with me.  I put her in bed with daddy and her baby [a stuffed rudolph that plays the song loudly when you press its ear] and covered her up to cuddle in bed. I was even able to get dressed and ready for work while she lied in bed talking softly to herself with rudolph.

She was fine until daddy’s alarm went off.  That sound is particularly alarming [no pun intended] for her and it scared her to death.  BUT, the recovery was swift and soon she was back to smiles.  She even let me put pants and a clean shirt on her today…

I’m SOOOOOO thankful, I really needed a break. Even if I pick her up from daycare and the screaming begins, I have refilled my reservoir just a little bit.

PS: In my last post, for some unknown reason I said that Emma was 4…  Ha ha!  She’s 2.  I actually woke up in the middle of the night thinking, “OMG, I wrote in a post that Emma was 4, didn’t I!!!!”   ‘Have no clue where that came from.


4 thoughts on “Moving right along…

    1. Thanks, and same to you! Improv and everything [sorry about the slides mixup]. I’m not giving up on the melatonin, not for a while. BUT. That doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed. 🙂 It’s not going to hurt though, so, I’ll probably give it a long time… like months. years. ha ha ha!


  1. fiona2107

    Melatonin is a God-send, give it time 🙂

    I relate particularly to the line : * I’ve found that when she’s in a good mood, I’m emotionally holding my breath, and this morning was no different. *

    I often feel like I am walking on egg shells when my son is in a good mood and I’m damn scared to do anything to break it!

    Sending hugs x


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