…no rest for the wicked

I kind of feel like I got hit by a truck and I’ve been laying by the side of the road for a few weeks.

While I was in the ditch, a few good events passed me by…  Finals for semester three came and went, leaving me with a 4.0 GPA.  My hard work and dedication will hopefully pay off, literally, when I appy for some scholarships next semester.

We were able to get in with the developmental specialists at Children’s Hospital on Jan. 5th.  With the short notice and our schedule demands, this was very unexpected.  We meet with the metabolic specialist on the 4th, and will hopefully get some more definite results on what is going on with Emma’s mitochondria/etc.  Having the developmental appointment the day after is great; if we have new information from the metabolic clinic, we can put it to good use.

Also, it appears that even though the principal so rudely told me that they “absolutely will NOT” pay for out of district placement for Emma in a preschool, they WILL.  Ha ha ha.  It’s called STATE LAW, and I’m so glad that we aren’t going to have to hire an attorney.  Emma starts preschool the week of January 10th… Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a happy transition!

On a not-so great note, last Friday Emma came down with a horrible flu.  She has spent the last 4 days/nights feverish, no food, little drink.  Sunday we ended up taking her to the ER due to a very sudden and aggressive cough with labored breathing.  The verdict was croup, to our dismay.  She hasn’t been sleeping hardly at all, and last night she had a HORRIBLE night-terror attack.  It took us hours to get her to snap out of it.

You know what’s weird?  It doesn’t matter what is going on – Emma is never lethargic.  In fact, she is nothing but uber-energetic all the time.  Here she is, not having eaten in four days, dehydrated, sick as a dog, and literally bouncing off the walls of the doctor’s office today.  Do you get it?  I DONT.  Now, please keep in mind friends, that I didn’t say she was happy all the time.  That hyperactivity can definitely be put to some very frustrating and ear-splitting use, my sweet little girl…   she’s such a handfull.  Her latest trick this weekend is telling me, “STOP IT, MOMMA!!!”  >>sigh<<

Have any of you readers out there dealt with this non-stop hyperactivity levels?  It’s not that she can’t sit on my lap and read a book with me, she can.  Sometimes.  If she really really wants to.  But I mean, she NEVER stops…   ??????????????????????

So – needless to say – momma hasn’t been sleeping at all either.  It’s finally caught up with me, as I am starting to have a sore throat and feel achy too.  Ugh!  Finals week running straight into sick toddler is no fun at all.  Now I’m worried that our plans for Christmas with my family might be cancelled…  keep a few fingers crossed for us.  🙂


10 thoughts on “…no rest for the wicked

  1. Daleth…I enjoyed this post and I am going to come back and leave you a proper comment. But I am really hungry at the moment and the thought of breakfast is getting the better of my dyslexia. I WILL be back.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂


  2. Hello I’m back, now I can read my mind is more focussed.
    I’m sure you will do great with your studies, you seem very dedicated to everything you do.
    It’s great you got all those appointments sorted. Everything is so slow here in the UK. We got a report through a couple of days ago off another SLT for my *CAL. This one seem more promising and she picked up on a lot more of my *CAL’s difficulties than the last one. I have noticed that since I requested a statement things seem to be moving quicker. I’m just hoping we get her a diagnoses and a statement before she starts secondary school. She really will not cope with that environment at all.
    Good news about the funding…YAY!
    I hope Emma is well again soon. 😦
    It’s good that she keeps her energy, my 2 are the same. I have to make them sit and rest sometimes when they are ill. I play DVD’s for them and usually have to sit and watch the films with them to make them rest. Not so much *AJ now he’s older but with my *CAL…I usually end up having to rub her feet and watch the same DVD at least 3 times before moving onto the next.

    Hyperactivity…yes, my *AJ was a runner, jumper and never sit still type of kid.
    This sounds really bad, but the only way I was able to control this in public was to give him dog training….lol
    I have always been good with animals so I tried this with my boy. I would take a pack of Chocolate buttons out with me and reward him when he did what I asked. It was the only way I could stop him running off. I used to say. “Run to that tree and no further!” then if he did what I asked I gave him a chocolate button. Then it was, run to the lamp post and then come straight back …etc. It worked for us, and every evening at about 5pm I took him for his exercise so he could run it out. When he was about 8-9 he seemed to calm right down and his energy was focussed more on his collections and remembering information.
    I think what I realise now with *AJ’s hyperactivity is it needed to be directed. Maybe it’s the same with Emma perhaps dance lessons or something like that will help. All kids are different though. I’m sure you will find your own way to work with it.
    I do hope you all feel well soon and your plans for Christmas are not cancelled.
    I will definitely pray for you.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the comments and advice… 🙂 I will need to see how I can creatively apply it to our life, but surely it’s possible. I’ve been wanting to get her into the gymnastics program “locally” [an hour away]… maybe I just need to make it happen. Thanks again Lisa!


  3. John

    Hey Daleth,
    Good to hear about the meeting with the specialist. Even better to hear about the preschool. Good for you, and I am very glad it got handled without going through the courts as that, at times, can get messy. Congratulations on your finals – Robert and I were talking this weekend about how strange school is at this point in our lives as everything is hustle and bustle and then the semester ends. No tapering off, just bam! and it is over.

    I hope your christmas plans hold up and that emma starts to feel better, and you too. Let me know when you would like to meet Jan, Mac and me for breakfast as we all are looking forward to it.

    Take care,


  4. Erin Lakai

    Please get better! I hope you got the tea is sent to you.
    Lisa, I love your ‘training methods’. I try to use having my son walk backwards, which slows him down a couple of seconds… barely.
    I could really picture Emma and R practicing Tae Kwon Do or something together! hee hee.

    I think life should be fair enough to have equal ratios of children’s energy levels to parents’. I know it’s not, but coffee/red bull/monster drinks don’t seem a good coping method.
    Maybe you just need to go out for Chai with me more often.


  5. Pudding is like this. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve sent her to school to have them call me up and say she has a fever. I have no idea, as she is bouncing around as usual. It might be a sub-section of kids on the spectrum who are always hyper. No rest for the wicked, eh?


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