Sugar Blues

Emma’s first day was about as perfect as it could get.  She was happy, cooperative, and ate a ton of food.  Miss Rachel said that she wouldn’t sit down at all during circle time, but we’d work on it.  I was amazed – when I went out on the playground to get her she didn’t do her usual running to me with arms open gleefully yelling “Mommy!!”  She looked at me, and continued playing in the sand, happily talking to me about the sand buckets she was putting on her head.  It was unusual, but could’ve been worse.

However, she didn’t nap, and it was her first day in preschool.  She was so exhausted when we got home that everything was a CRISIS of epic proportion.  You didn’t dare look at her cross-eyed, for fear or roaring retaliation.  I wanted to hold out until 7 or 7:30, but couldnt resist anymore.  6:30 she was in bed, crying and crying.  “Ouuucheeee!!!! Mommy, oucheee!!”  I think that she was just overstimulated beyond reason at this point.  I went in there and had to sing to her for 25 minutes before she finally passed out…  ugh.  That makes my feet and back hurt.  ‘Sweet thing is soundly sleeping, and I’m getting ready to head to bed soon too.

On a “ME” note, I started back on my no sugar, no wheat, no corn/potato diet today.  Double UGH.  The last time I started this, I had a raging headache for 3 days, and felt like I had a horrible flu for nearly 4 weeks.  Let’s all keep fingers and toes crossed that this time is better.  I already have the headache, yae, right on track!  I forgot how bad it was when I started…  Now I wish I hadn’t gotten off track for so long.  ‘Talk about motivation to eat well!


4 thoughts on “Sugar Blues

  1. Oh my! She’s beautiful. Your girl is so beautiful! Congrats on the first day of preschool. I’m sorry about the crisis. She must have been exhausted from all the new stimulus. And you’re doing a diet change too. Double whammy. Hang in there!


  2. fiona2107

    I’m so glad that she did so well p n her first day. Poor little thing must have been exhausted!

    I hear you about the food thing too…I can’t eat several food types. Mainly wheat, dairy, yeast and soy. Ugh!


  3. Craig

    Hi Daleth. A friend of B., here. Your blog is touching and I wish you the best. Thanks for sharing. re: diet – I don’t have withdrawal headaches, but get them whenever I eat anything with yeast, MSG, and related stuff. I’m getting good at reading labels! We hope to get out your way on a vacation some day. Looking forward to meeting you and Emma.


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