Summing Up

It’s a gray, cold Monday morning.  I’ve got a billion things to do here at the house, and Emma’s nasty cold is resurfacing for the 4th or 5th time.  I wish that I could just nurse hot tea and keep Emma happy.  Yes, yes, I know that popular opinion usually dictates “Oh, just let those things go and spend the day with your kid.”  But I just can’t do it…  I happen to have the day off school, and we have company coming in Friday.  There is a lot that has to get done, like moving storage off the spare bed, etc etc etc.   >sigh

The last three weeks have been okay, I guess.  My Grandma died last week, and to be honest – it just isn’t real yet.  Here and there I get ‘glimpses’ of feeling the loss.  But to be honest [this may sound horrible folks] I’m almost too busy right now to really process.  She lived in another country and we didn’t see her often.  However, I did spend a year near her, and developed some close ties.  She was a very unusual woman, and I just don’t quite believe that she’s not up there in the far north…

One morning I went to get Emma out of bed, and she had demolished an entire TUB of butt cream [$35].  She had covered her entire body in the gunk, including hair, and paying special attention to her belly button and toes.  It was smeared all over the wood of her crib, and on her blankets too.  If the camera had been handy I would have taken a picture of her.  But honestly, I was too tired and pissed to go looking for it.  A long bath with lots of Dawn dish soap took care of part of the problem…  Later I took a picture of her baby doll that was in the crib with her.

School is crazy.  I had a dream last night that I miserably failed my astronomy exam.  Probably taken from feelings of failure from my math exam last Friday.  I leave town at 8am, and don’t get home until 7pm.  That’s so late, that Emma usually eats in Alamosa – which means she has access to one of her only ‘in’ foods – grilled cheese sandwiches.  We get home, and she goes to bed.  Isn’t that sad?  I mean, I do miss her and all.  But – the early bedtime definitely helps me get more homework time in the evening.

blah blah blah.

Sorry folks, I feel like Im just regurgitating boring STUFF.  Not very creative today.  Maybe my brain is paralyzed, who knows?

Emma has continued with some wicked tantrums, especially after school.  Doctor’s appointments have come and gone.  School appears to be really good for her.  We found out she’s officially the size of a 4 1/2 year old.  Ha ha ha!!  Yeah, she’s huge.  Not overweight, but her diapers do interfere with pant sizes.  She is still just OBSESSED with latex exam gloves.  I have boxes at home and in the car now.  ‘Tell you what, if she decides that gloves are what she needs, you’d better have them handy!

Ugh.  She is so grumpy this morning!  Just sitting in her spot on the couch, kind of screeching at me like an angry bird.  I can’t figure out what she wants.  Damned if I do [try to figure out – wrong guesses piss her off] and damned if I don’t [duh.  more anger].  I cut her hair….  a nice bob.  It’s really cute on her, but I’m a little bummed about it.  I really wanted to grow her hair out long and pretty.  I’m sure I will some day, but for now I just needed the hair wars to end.  I mean, it’s still horrible most of the time when I brush it – but it only lasts 2 versus 8 minutes.  🙂  Victory?

I went to the PEP [parents encouraging parents] conference in January.  It was amazing and very educational.  I received fantastic legal information about my kids’ rights concerning IEP, jobs, etc.  I also made several good people connections and got valuable information for when I start my parent support group here in the Valley.

The toy bank is coming along, as friends have started collecting toys/etc.  For those of you that have the money for shipping, please consider donating your used toys/special needs equipment to us.  Besides toys, used [or new!] art supplies are appreciated as well.  Anyway, it looks like the location is coming through.  Now the main coordinator is trying to figure out how to get utilities covered, and then I believe it will be moving time.  🙂  I’m so excited!

I’ve also got two bookings for my A.V.A. presentation.  [A Vision of Autism].  One big one at Adams State College, and a small one at Trinidad State Junior College.  I’m really excited about this too, and hope to eventually be presenting all over the valley and beyond.

Anyway.  To leave you all on a good note, here is a video from one of Emma’s favorite Sesame Street episodes.  I just love this song!


4 thoughts on “Summing Up

  1. John

    Good to see that you are still with us. I was starting to worry. It sounds like you are swamped. The baby doll picture is a little disturbing. I saw the picture prior to reading your blog. I will have some toys before long. Drop me a line sometime.


  2. You seem very very very busy Daleth.
    Make sure you get some rest my dear, you don’t want to burn yourself out.
    You made me giggle when I read about the butt cream, Emma is just so cute.
    I must say though, butt cream and rubber gloves…perhaps medical profession is a good direction to aim her in.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂


  3. Erin Lakai

    How exciting about the toy bank! I’m glad it’s coming along.
    If it didn’t take 1/2 hour to download the video, I’d check it out. Thanks for sharing though!
    I’m sorry you’re so busy; let me know if there’s anything else I can do!
    @John, yes. That doll looks very disturbing… I’m glad we didn’t see Emma. 😉


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