Well, try this instead:

A few things about Emma.

She’s been sick, forever, like all of us here.  Oh, here’s a new one!  Emma is now chewing gum!  I am pretty excited about this.  I mean, aside from cleaning gum out of hair, upholstery, pockets, and god-knows-what-else [It will all happen eventually], I hope that it can be another inexpensive trick for my tool-box.  She loves it, it’s great sensory input, she needs help with chewing skills, blah blah blah.  🙂  Yae.

Her preschool was just so impressed the other week.  Apparently somewhere they had a play-doctor kit.  Well, Emma took charge, and quickly found herself doctoring the entire class – including the teacher.  Ha ha!  She was checking blood pressure, looking in ears, listening to heartbeats, and taking temperature.  I told her teacher, “Lets just sum it up to the many, many doctor’s visits that she’s had over the last year.”

She has now gone from screaming and hitting our two dogs, to screaming at them, “GO WAY DOWN!!!!!! WAY DOWN NOW!!!”  [lay down]  Well.  At least its more verbal, although still somewhat abusive.  Everyone seems to talk about how animals [ie, the dogs for autism etc] have been so amazing for their child.  NOT EMMA.  I don’t know what it is, but she just won’t bond with dogs at all.  Fish?  Now, fish are a-okay.

OCD has been emerging a bit, I can’t say that’s fun.  She had me ripping off her dress in the Goodwill parking lot the other weekend, she swore [screamed, i guess] that it was dirty.  That was after 10+ minutes of me trying every trick in the book to distract her, or get her to realize that her dress was actually still clean.  Ugh!  Her hands are very raw and sore from hand washing.  I broke down and got some super-mild oil of olay facewash for her to use as hand soap.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, some people have real issues getting their SN kids to clean at all.  At least Emma wont stink [yet].

She has taken up a little bit with orange soda.  I can’t say I’m EXCITED about that, but, a little bit of variety away from the chocolate milk is nice.  At least she will free up a little bit of her drinking away from a food-like liquid, and maybe have more of an appetite for food.

Well, that’s enough rambling for today… I’ll leave you with one last Emma:

Emma loves putting playdough into the garlic press and making long, pretty colored POOP.  Ha ha ha ha!  I keep calling it hair, but she just won’t buy it.


3 thoughts on “Well, try this instead:

  1. Robert Prather

    daddy’s question?: As far as the play dough goes, after she mixes all the colors together……. what else would you call it?


  2. Erin

    I’m so proud of your gum-chewing, poop-making doctor! Now, that’s talent.
    ..ya know, your dogs are so big, maybe when she’s bigger they’ll be more fun for her, and less scary. My youngest DS is *nicer* when he stands on a chair to pet our dog.


  3. doesitcomewithgravy

    Well, at least you don’t need to worry about her shoving things in the poor dog’s butt!! 🙂 Ah the joy of boys…
    As for daddy’s question – it is still poop. It’s just a mixture of what you ate that day. 🙂


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