On Losing Therapists

[Preface: This post does NOT mean that I do not reap benefit from the support and love that I do get from my family and existing friends.  I love and appreciate you all, for everything that you do have to offer. <3]


I found out this morning that I am losing the second of Emma’s two original therapists, J1 and J2.  The first ‘left’ when Emma turned three, due to age requirements. The second one is moving to a different facility that will help immensely with her home and family life.

I found myself using all grains of mature and philosophical matter within my being to remain happy and understanding throughout the therapy appointment with J2 this morning. I had to move into a state of denial, at least for the 40 minutes or so after the news.  But after I had dropped Emma off at daycare I found myself sobbing in my car.  Looking for some healing, I bought a venti-cocoa cappuccino from SB and headed to the nearest school computer lab to write-myself-okay. Well, I still find myself in tears.

So Folks, here is a glimpse of my self talk and inner working, all live timed and personal.

I don’t think that I’m just dealing with the loss of J-2. J1 moving on sucked really bad, and I kind of just kept telling myself, “It’s okay, it’s okay, we’ve still got J2…”.  So, now I’m forcing myself to deal with both of them leaving, I guess.

For those that have not experienced this, I’m not crazy and I’m not pre-menstrual. I think the whole deal has to do with the isolating world of parenting a special needs child.  It’s an amazingly solitary act.  When you find yourself a mother of a SN child, you lose all manuals for motherhood.  You no longer have the network of typical child-rearing practices.  All the books, the magazines, TV shows, doctors?  Most of them are useless.  You no longer have satisfaction and trust in the advice and experiences of those around you either.  Your mother, aunts, grandparents, sisters, and friends have very very little to offer in the means of advice and true understanding. It’s what can make me, at times, feel like I’m an alien living on a planet of other people.  And at other times, its the same thing that makes that one or two people that live across oceans seem so close.  It’s true understanding and relating to this wild world of autism.

My therapists are the closest thing I have in my real-physical life to the book-doctor-mother-sister-aunt-manual for how to live my life with my autistic daughter.  I have an overwhelming need for them in my life; who wants to raise a child alone in the forest? Or in my case, in a dry, windy valley at 8,000 feet above sea level?

J1 and J2 stepped into my [at times, and especially then] miserable, confusing life with the grace and compassion of a goddess.  And now they are gone. They both have lives to live of their own, their jobs to do, and other beautiful people to help.

But, oh dear, what in the world am I going to do without them?


4 thoughts on “On Losing Therapists

  1. Oh man, that is really sad. I know what you mean about feeling completely on your own with parenting advice when your child has special needs- it’s rough. Honestly that’s why I spend so much time reading other people’s blogs, I just don’t know very many people locally who have a clue what our lives are like!

    I hope the new therapists are good and the transition is smooth.


  2. Eileen Wilfong

    Oh Daleth, I know you feel isolated, but you’re never alone. I’m not a therapist, but I care about you and I’m a good listener . . . sending you love and hugs . . .


  3. day,
    the biggest help i can ever be to you..in fact perhaps the only help i can be for you right now is to assure you that i hold you in my heart. as your mother, i feel your pain, frustration and anguish. can’t help it, our beings are connected. i cannot advise you what to do for emma. i have no great pearls of wisdom about this path you walk with autism. but i have one very very great message to give you and that is the message of enduring love. a love that wraps itself around your tender sore heart and soul. i can only tell you that there are no words to truly express how deeply your life affects me.
    take this love i send you…. it is a joyful, childlike, warm and constant thing that can never be squelched or diminished, or lost.
    don’t ever underestimate this powerful energy. always know that your mother loves you.
    what else can i do


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