Big Changes

I can’t say that the road has been easy ladies and gentlemen, but I can say that SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!  This semester has been just a little too full for both Emma’s and my liking. She will miss her school and daycare, but it will sure be great to spend time at home together.

We took Emma to the dentist about 4 weeks ago [her first trip]. The dentist couldn’t get good X-rays, and couldn’t get a great look in her mouth, but found a ton of cavities. Of course, it’s all our fault. But we’ve been doing the best that we can with what we have and it will just have to do. Emma, who for the first 3 years of her life has refused to let me do more than just barely skim the front of her teeth with the brush, let the assistant do a full brushing on her mouth. I couldn’t believe it! I was just like, “Turn me into a big fat liar, why don’t you!”

HERE IS SOME GOOD INFORMATION that would have been nice to know years ago. She told me that children with certain issues usually don’t like having their teeth brushed. She said to try laying her down on her bed, the floor, or in a recliner, with a cozy pillow and blanket. Then brush, and make sure that I use my finger to hold the corners of the mouth out so that the brush doesn’t pinch the edges when moving in/out.  Well, it hasn’t been perfect, but I have been getting much much much better results. My theory is that sitting or standing and having all this mouth stuff going on might make them feel like they are off balance or something [?] and perhaps laying down and being cozy helps with sensory issues too…

Who knows. Anyway, we are set up in July with surgery at The Children’s Hospital, where they will put her out and see what all they need to do. Maybe she’ll end up with a mouth of pretty, sparkly, silver “princess teeth”. 🙂  [everything sparkly is ‘princess’ around here].

The other good news x2.

One, Emma is starting to potty train. When at school, she uses their little toilet all the time. She went in underwear on her last day and didn’t have a single accident. The next day she went to my sister’s house to play, and didn’t have any accidents either. Yesterday [at home] there were two accidents, but honestly, it was totally my fault.  ACK.  I am not used to having to check in with her about having to go!  I totally forgot, and I guess she did too.

TWO. We have had two nights with no chocolate milk. No strawberry milk. No juice, milk, just a sippy cup full of water.  The first night sucked although not as much as it could have. She woke up at 1am and wanted her chocolate milk, and it took an hour+ for her to get back to sleep. Last night, she was a little upset at bedtime, but didn’t wake me up about it once. Yes! I know that I’m not really over the hurdle yet, but I’m feeling heartened and hopeful.

After Emma’s dentist appointment we went to visit one of my DH’s dear friends.  Emma and I took a walk outside, and she got to see her first worm. OH MY GOODNESS, it was the coolest thing she had ever laid eyes or hands on!!!  It was so cute and sooo funny how she acted with it.

We’ve got this next week to get the house clean and the laundry done, and then were off to The Children’s Hospital for her 2 week feeding clinic. I’m excited to see what kind of results we get. Anyway, I’d love to post more, but hopefully you will understand that after the end of the term I’m just all-writed-out.  ❤