LoveABLE News, and really loveable kids…

THERE. I did it. I edited, created, worked over and otherwise single-handedly brought the A-Teams newsletter to life. There are some great women in the group that came up with a number of the to-be-regular columns. I really enjoy how each person’s character comes through in the writing, it really was a joy to work on. It was also challenging; I have never worked with Adobe InDesign, and also felt hindered by the CS edition limitations. Regardless, it’s a beautiful thing, and it moves me closer to my personal goals of transformation.

The newsletter is at: .  I hope you will take the time to read through the articles, and I also hope you will ignore my ridiculous error in my “letter from the editor”.  Isn’t it amazing what missing one little word can do?

And on to my extremely loveable kids. R took his “alive at 25″ class, and now we just need to get him in to take the test for his driver’s permit. I find that tremendously exciting. Terrifying, yes, he has some real challenges. But how could I possibly let his enthusiasm go unappreciated? I think that we will have fun with this.  He wants to join the Cross Country running team this fall. I’m impressed, it’s the first time he’s shown interest in any school sport. I’m hoping that he really explores and benefits from it.

He’s 5’10”, a full 2 inches taller than me. Taller than his biological father, and it makes me wonder just how tall he is going to get! His step-dad’s genes must be rubbing off on him a little bit.

And Emma, little [huge-47lbs] Emma.  She’s really taken off this summer. Her teachers and therapists will be so impressed when she starts working with them again. Her language ability has jumped tremendously. She is a little more interactive verbally than she was in the spring. Her mega-meltdowns have decreased a bit, and she is becoming a little better able to express what she wants/needs/etc. before escalating to tantrum. How wonderful!

But as natural as the human condition is, you can’t expect it all to be good. The potty training is getting downright depressing. I thought that it was going well, but it ends up that there are times where she just doesn’t care. She’ll pee on me, the couch, floor, bed, bean-bag, whatever. She just doesn’t notice or care. She has also been developing a strange dislike for using the toilet (big or small) and will hold it in. I have to force/bribe her to go to the bathroom (and that’s on a good day). Other days, it’s just one accident after another.  Needless to say, we are using pull-ups more regularly now than 3 months ago. Maybe when she goes back to school she’ll get into a better mindset about it.

One thing that drives me crazy about myself, is this “ROAMING STATUS” that I seem to have set up for myself. It’s a never-ending mental status search to figure out exactly how high-low functioning she really is. Emma is such a little anomaly. And I know that this quest is meaningless, but I just can’t seem to stop.  She does many things that “Low” (termed by their parents) functioning children do not do. And yet, there are things that “High” (termed by their parents) functioning children do that she has no interest in.

It’s just me. I just want to KNOW. I want to be able to gauge her capacity, like I am my thyroid. It’s at 3.9, therefore, ingest 75 mcg. every morning.  You know what to expect. I hate getting my hopes up about how normal/typical she might be becoming, only to have her turn around and be a complete-total-pissing-weirdo. (said with love, folks) And yet, I will not sell her short – she might have amazing capabilities that we just haven’t tapped into yet. I WANT to give her the chance to be typical in every way she can/wants to be.

All I can do is love her, and try to tune out my Roaming Status as much as possible. It’s expensive, and wastes brain-power. 😉

Anyway, back to the mundane. I’m cleaning my house, getting ready for my in-laws to come visit with us and then take care of the kids while DH and I take our belated honeymoon in Monterey, California. OH, yes, and it’s also for my super-amazing art seminar I am going to, “Weekend With the Masters”. School starts in 5 days. And I would love to just sit here and write……….



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