Small Victories

There I was, crouched on the floor in front of Emma with tears of pure joy streaming down my face. Did I mention she was sitting on the toilet? Pooping? No?

When I talk to others about the ecstasy of the small victory I’m not sure they get it. Right now it’s the most beautiful and important gift that autism has brought to my house; it cannot be underestimated. It brings me to my knees – and sometimes on a daily basis.

You know, other parents have to wait for successes. Their kids need to win something, exceed their peers in some way, show an amazing aptitude, keep their room clean for a month. (Hell. I can’t even do that!)

Not my girl. She just needs to sit there, legs swinging on the porcelain god, humming a little tune under her breath. It’s been six months since she would get within 5 feet of a toilet. I have renewed hope, and there are no gold or jewels that could compare to the preciousness of that.