Who & Why?

December, 2016

I’ve left my old “Who & Why?” on here (read below) in case anyone wants to read about who I was back during older blog posts. I’m not sure if thats egocentric or narcissistic. I don’t really mean for it to be, I’m very curious about other people and how they’ve changed over time.

I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am divorced and re-married. That has been really hard for my daughter. I graduated with an MA as a Special Education Teacher, and had newly begun my career, when I was forced to resign in order to care for my disabled daughter. That has been pretty traumatic. I currently work part-time in a school, and consider it an amazing stroke of luck that I’m able to spend some of my time in the school environment. I was very far away from wanting to end my career as a teacher, it was a heartbreaking May of 2016.

I have a soon-to-be 9 year old daughter with Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and who knows what else. She is a real character. She’s what this blog is all about, and I guess if you really want to know about her you just need to go back to the beginning and read the blog posts.

My son, who struggles greatly with his own issues. As a child he was diagnosed with ADHD (combined type). Further probing and testing at the Denver Children’s Hospital’s Child Development Unit when he was 16 came back with a much more accurate diagnosis of Slow Cognitive Tempo (SCT), along with other learning disabilities. It fits him much more accurately than just an ADHD diagnosis. If you have an ADHD kid that is not really hyperactive, you might check out SCT.

Husband 2.0 is a High Functioning Autism (HFA) guy. Formerly known as Aspergers. He’s a real trip, I love him dearly, but the struggle is real. Basically everyone that I am closely involved with is kind of fucked up. I think that might make me a masochist. Unsure at this point…

I have ignored this blog greatly for nearly 4 years. Mainly because I have nothing positive to say, and it’s just been too….UGH. I haven’t wanted to share. Over the last year, I’ve had a number of people tell me that that is all the more reason I SHOULD be here sharing…because there are others that will want to hear my words and thoughts.

I ignored those people for a while. The real reason I am here is because I am struggling to maintain my life and sanity with my daughter. I need to write, I need to blog about it. I need to communicate to others and reach out in some form. This is the only outlet that currently works with my life. So, that’s the “why”. Thanks for being here.

May, 2013

Greetings!  I live in the beautiful San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado with my family.  I have a dear husband who reigns me in when I need it, an almost-18 year old son with SPD and ADHD-IA, and a daughter, Emma.  Emma will be 4 in February and (is autistic/has autism – depends on your preference.)  I’m also a new graduate, having just attained my Bachelor of Arts with emphasis in Painting and Graphic Design. After this coming summer of slight reprieve, I will be attaining my MA as a Special Education Teacher.

This blog started as a response for my need for venting (!), creativity, support, and my desire to pass on my experiences to others that might have to deal with similar parenting situations.

Autism presents challenges; opportunities (as parents) to rise to the occasion or fail.  I know that without my daughter’s disability, I never would have known the importance or preciousness of hearing her say “Bye-Bye-Gas!” as we leave a gas station, or the absolute ecstatic joy as she accomplishes simple tasks – things that many parents take for granted. What joy and heartbreak these children bring into our lives, and what an amazing opportunity for us all to grow into better and more loving human beings. ❤

I’m far from a perfect parent, but I know that I do my best at all times. Also, I tend to write about my frustrations more often than my celebrations, but I will strive to balance this blog as best as I can.  Regardless.  The challenging or depressing times are when other people’s shared experiences help me the most.  Maybe mine will ring some bell of truth for you too.

Lastly, I have to let you know that I fully exercise my right to un-publish comments that I feel do not serve the greater good for me, my family, my choices, and other people who might identify with my posts.  In other words – if it is rude, overly insensitive, or maliciously ignorant, or even unsupportive of my view – it will be removed. I’m not here to be fair to anyone but myself and my daughter.

Love, love, love, love…


7 thoughts on “Who & Why?”

  1. I love getting to hear how she and you are doing! Emma is so rad; yet it’s funny to now get the behind-the-scenes hysteria. Thanks for sharing! I miss your writing style, too. 😉

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