The Not-So-Dainty Disclaimer

This is my official disclaimer. Those that know me, also know that you (as an ongoing reader or subscriber) might be asked to refer back to this disclaimer at times and remember that I told you:

This blog is not here to be kind or supportive to anyone but myself, and although I’m improving, I’m not always kind to myself. It is not here to uplift; it is here as the only form of therapy and processing I currently have at my disposal. This means that I will at times hurt people I love, like, or care about through my words and depictions. This means I might offend people that I have or have not met. I’m only okay with that because I have to be; I need this too much.

I will be writing about my life. That includes family, friends, co-workers, sisters, parents. This includes my husband, son, ex-husband, and people in line at the grocery store. If you don’t think you can handle it, it’s not a judgment about you should you decide to not read this blog anymore. It’s not a measure of strength. In fact, I encourage you to look out for your own better interest.

If you don’t like it, please, just don’t read it. I’m real, and I’m honest, and I’m really honest. But that doesn’t mean I’m entitled to keep comments on here that bother me. Also, like most of us – I’m very multi-faceted. This means that you are only reading one aspect of my self and inner monolog. I hope that you recognize there are other sides to Daleth, the wife, sister, co-worker. I’m frequently joyful, funny, caring, loving, and many other positive descriptives. If you are a potential future employer or other associate (hopefully you aren’t thinking right now, “PAST TENSE, girl!”) please take this blog with a good dose of non-discrimination and grace for those challenged with care-taking severe disabilities.

Ce la vie.

*Disclaimer: This disclaimer may be added to at a regular basis. Thanks. 🙂